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You want to give away a personalized baby product, but are not sure which one to choose?

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Just give away a gift voucher for a personalized baby product. The presentee can then compose a personal baby product just as he wishes and pays with the gift voucher by entering the voucher code in the shopping cart.

The gift vouchers will be sent to you as pleasingly designed gift cards that can directly be handed over as a present. If you want to you can also write the voucher code onto your own gift card or even send them via email.

You can choose you prefered voucher value. You can also order multiple vouchers (e. g. for collective presents).

Vouchers are well suitable as gift if you want to give a baby sticker or a sun shade but are unsure about the favorite color of the presentee. Also, if you want to give a baby bodysuit or a baby t-shirt and do not know the size of the child, a gift voucher is a good gift idea.

The following terms apply to the vouchers: