Premium Sun Shade

Protect your child from the sun with a personalized sun shade on long car drives.

Premium Sun Shade
Large imprint (surcharge)

The sun shade will be printed according to your wishes. Choose your desired combination from several motifs, fonts and colors. The color of the sun shade is silver-gray with a black edging. Thanks to a size of 44 x 36 cm an optimal protection from direct sunlight is provided. Besides the protection of your dearest from the sun it is a nice visor for a cozy nap in the child seat.

Folded Sun Shade
When folded the sun shade is only 1 cm high

If the sun shield is not needed it can be folded by an innovative folding system and may then be stored in the door's side shelf. The two suction cups allow a fast and easy installation of the sun shade. The delivery includes one sun shade and two suction cups.

Suction cups lost? Then simply order a pair of replacement suction cups.


Pick out a motif first. Click on the round option field below the motif for this purpose.


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With Pacifiers

With PacifiersWith PacifiersWith Pacifiers
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In the Car

In the CarIn the CarIn the Car
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On the Motorbike

On the MotorbikeOn the MotorbikeOn the Motorbike
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With Pets

With PetsWith PetsWith Pets
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Professions & Nationalities

Professions & NationalitiesProfessions & NationalitiesProfessions & Nationalities
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Zodiac Signs

Zodiac SignsZodiac SignsZodiac Signs
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Prince & Princess

Prince & PrincessPrince & PrincessPrince & Princess
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Egg Shells

Egg ShellsEgg ShellsEgg Shells
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Little Angels & Devils

Little Angels & DevilsLittle Angels & DevilsLittle Angels & Devils
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Funny Faces

Funny FacesFunny FacesFunny Faces
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Symbols & Stamps

Symbols & StampsSymbols & StampsSymbols & Stamps
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* The displayed text in the motif as well as the font only serve for demonstration and will be replaced during the production with the text and font you choose.


Now you can choose a font for the name of your child and the optional additional text.

Premium Sun Shade - Font 1
Font 1

Premium Sun Shade - Font 2
Font 2

Premium Sun Shade - Font 3
Font 3

Premium Sun Shade - Font 4
Font 4

Premium Sun Shade - Font 5
Font 5

Premium Sun Shade - Font 6
Font 6

Premium Sun Shade - Font 7
Font 7

Premium Sun Shade - Font 8
Font 8

Premium Sun Shade - Font 9
Font 9

Premium Sun Shade - Font 10
Font 10

Premium Sun Shade - Font 11
Font 11

Premium Sun Shade - Font 12
Font 12

Premium Sun Shade - Font 13
Font 13

Premium Sun Shade - Font 14
Font 14

Premium Sun Shade - Font 15
Font 15

Premium Sun Shade - Font 16
Font 16

Premium Sun Shade - Font 17
Font 17

Premium Sun Shade - Font 18
Font 18

Premium Sun Shade - Font 19
Font 19


Now you can choose the color, that the motif and the text should get. Please note that the displayed colors are affected by your screen adjustments and might differ slightly from the original coloring of the printing.

Premium Sun Shade - Red (1)
Red (1)

Premium Sun Shade - Lime green (2)
Lime green (2)

Premium Sun Shade - Royal blue (3)
Royal blue (3)

Premium Sun Shade - White (4)
White (4)

Premium Sun Shade - Black (5)
Black (5)

Premium Sun Shade - Yellow (6)
Yellow (6)

Premium Sun Shade - Pastel pink (11)
Pastel pink (11)

Premium Sun Shade - Light blue (13)
Light blue (13)

Premium Sun Shade - Pastel orange (17)
Pastel orange (17)

Premium Sun Shade - Purple (18)
Purple (18)

Premium Sun Shade - Pastel green (19)
Pastel green (19)

Premium Sun Shade - Gold (20)
Gold (20)

Premium Sun Shade - Neon yellow (21)
Neon yellow (21)

Premium Sun Shade - Neon orange (22)
Neon orange (22)

Premium Sun Shade - Neon green (23)
Neon green (23)

Premium Sun Shade - Neon pink (24)
Neon pink (24)


Please enter the name of your child as the text, that will be placed centered below the motif. If you want to, you can add an additional text (e. g. "on board", "on the move" or "on tour").

Text:(maximum 25 characters)

Please enter "Without text", if you want to order only the motif.

Print Size

The printing is available in two different sizes. A large size will increase the visibility of the motif and text.

Sun shade with normal imprint
Normal imprint

Sun shade with large imprint
Large imprint (surcharge)

normal(with a print size of about 16 cm)
large(with a print size of about 25 cm)

Surcharge incl. VAT: Large Printing + 1.99 EUR

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Price:*9.98 EUR

* incl. VAT, plus shipping costs of shipping class 1