Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.


What size do the stickers have? / How wide are the stickers?

Regularly the stickers have a size of about 16 cm (normal), 25 cm (large) or 40 cm (XXL) on the longest side. Deviations may occur with very long texts or special shapes.

Does the size of the stickers refer only to the motif or to the motif and the text?

The size of the stickers refers to both, motif and text.

Is it possible to attach the stickers on the inside of vehicle windows?

Yes, just choose the option "inside" for the "affixing" at the product page.

May the stickers be attached in the wiping area of the windscreen wiper?

The stickers should not be attached in the wiping area of the windscreen wiper as the movement of the wipers could damage them.

Can the rear window defroster become a problem?

The rear window defroster does not pose a problem for our premium vehicle labeling film.

Can I affix the stickers directly on the heating wires?

Yes, the agglomerating power of the stickers will not be affected by this.

I have tinted windows. Can I affix the sticker from the inside?

We recommend the affixing from the outside for windows that have been tinted retroactively or are medium or heavily tinted.

How do I affix the stickers?

Please read the installation guide for stickers (at the bottom of the page).

Can I affix the text above the motif?

Yes, cut the sticker in two between the motif and text and arrange both parts just as you wish on your car.

How do I order two stickers with different motifs and texts?

Compose one sticker with the first motif and text, return to the product page afterwards and compose a sticker with the second motif and text.

Can I order the motif and the text in different colors?

Due to the production process only single-colored stickers are possible. You can, however, order a normal sticker (motif without text) and a label in different colors and affix them one below the other.

How much do two (or more) stickers cost?

Please take a look at the product pages there you will find the current prices. The total will be displayed at the shopping cart.

Do I have to pay the postage only once if I order several stickers?

Yes, you need to pay the postage only once per order, no matter how many stickers you buy.


I asked a question via email and did not receive an answer yet. Why is that?

We respond to every email as a matter of principle. Please check whether your mailbox is full and take a look at your spam or junk folder (this applies especially to AOL customers).

I have not yet received an order confirmation via email, what shall I do now?

The order confirmation is send automatically to your email address after you have placed the order. Please send us an email if you do not receive the order confirmation within twelve hours.

How can I find out the current status of my order?

As soon as you have placed your order, you can check the current status of the order.

Is it possible to change my order after I placed it?

In order to guarantee a fast delivery we produce promptly after we received your payment, therefore we can not accept any changes. Please make sure that all your data is correct before you place your order.

My browser does not accept cookies. What shall I do?

Please read the information about cookies and change the settings of your computer correspondingly.

Payment & Shipping

Where can I find your bank details?

You will receive our bank details after you have placed your order.

How much is the postage?

Please refer to the shipping costs table for the current costs.

How much is the postage abroad?

Choose the country of destination at the shipping costs table to get the current costs.

I paid but did not receive my goods yet, why is that?

  1. Check the account number and bank code that you used for the transfer. Should one of those be wrong, the money may already have been reversed to your account. Transfer the money again by using the correct bank details.
  2. As the payments are checked via computer fully automatic, the transfer may not be attributed to your order if the reason for transfer is not spelled correctly. Send us an email with the order id, you last name, and the name of the account holder, the payment will then be checked manually.
  3. Depending on the particular bank it may take up to five days for a transfer to be completed.

Why did I receive a shipping notice, but no goods yet?

You receive a shipping notice as soon as the order is released for shipping. The delivery service needs up to one week for the delivery. Please contact us if you did not receive the delivery within seven days after the shipping notice.

Can I return personalized products?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The right of withdrawal does not apply for goods that have been specially made by the customer's specification or that have been adapted to the customer's personal needs.

My question is not listed here. What now?

Just send us an email with your question to or use the contact form, we are happy to help you.