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Drag Racing

Now it's official: The fastest baby sticker of the world comes from MY-BABY-SHOP®!

With the exclusive dragster edition of our baby stickers on their racing cars the racing drivers Timo and Dennis Habermann became the winners of season 2010 of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship!

MY-BABY-SHOP® congratulates the European Champion and runner-up to European Champion on their victory!

Colored or single-colored dragster racing car motifs for your sticker can be found under the category "Sports"!

Baby stickers on the road

Our popular baby stickers are not only around on the race track. They will also stick firmly to a car's back window on the highway (even if Matthias Malmedie did almost everything wrong when attaching his baby sticker). Have fun watching.

Source: Grip, das Motormagazin on RTL II

Coffee cup of the day at Hit Radio FFH participated in the "coffee cup of the day" event of the German radio station Hit Radio FFH by sending each of the radio hosts Evren Gezer and Daniel Fischer a personalized coffee cup with their names and the QTs comic.

Source: Hit Radio FFH