Lunch Box

Personalized lunch box with the name of your child.

Lunch Box

The lunch box for large appetites. Personalized with a name of your choice, colorful designs and available in various colors. With 2 snap fasteners the lid can be opened easily and closed securely. With a size of ca. 13 x 18 x 6,5 cm there is much room for your food. The lunch box is made of food safe and robust plastic. Hand wash recommended.


You can select a color by clicking on the round option field below it. Please note that the displayed colors are affected by your screen adjustments and might differ slightly from the original coloring.

Lunch Box - White

Lunch Box - Red


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Lunch Box - Motif TB01
Motif TB01

Lunch Box - Motif TB02
Motif TB02

Lunch Box - Motif TB03
Motif TB03

Lunch Box - Motif TB04
Motif TB04

Lunch Box - Motif TB05
Motif TB05

Lunch Box - Motif TB06
Motif TB06

Lunch Box - Motif TB07
Motif TB07

Lunch Box - Motif TB08
Motif TB08

Lunch Box - Motif TB09
Motif TB09

Lunch Box - Motif TB10
Motif TB10

Lunch Box - Motif TB11
Motif TB11

Lunch Box - Motif TB12
Motif TB12

Lunch Box - Motif TB13
Motif TB13

Lunch Box - Motif TB14
Motif TB14


Now you can choose the font for the text.

Lunch Box - Font 1
Font 1

Lunch Box - Font 2
Font 2

Lunch Box - Font 3
Font 3

Lunch Box - Font 4
Font 4

Lunch Box - Font 5
Font 5

Lunch Box - Font 6
Font 6

Lunch Box - Font 7
Font 7

Lunch Box - Font 8
Font 8

Lunch Box - Font 9
Font 9

Lunch Box - Font 10
Font 10

Lunch Box - Font 11
Font 11

Lunch Box - Font 12
Font 12

Lunch Box - Font 13
Font 13

Lunch Box - Font 14
Font 14

Lunch Box - Font 15
Font 15

Lunch Box - Font 16
Font 16

Lunch Box - Font 17
Font 17

Lunch Box - Font 18
Font 18

Lunch Box - Font 19
Font 19


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