Bottle Labels

Order personal bottle labels for your next festive occasion.

Bottle Labels

Create your individual bottle labels for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas celebrations or New Year's Eve parties. Order your champagne labels, wine labels or beer labels with a text of your choice and turn every occasion into something special.

Your bottle labels can be placed over the existing labels of your champagne bottles, wine bottles or beer bottles. If you want the labels to look even better you can remove the existing labels with warm water before placing your personalized labels.


Please choose a label design here.


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New Year's Eve

New Year's EveNew Year's Eve
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Please pay attention to the text numbers in the picture of your label. Your can enter up to 20 characters per line of text.

Text 1:

Text 2:

Text 3:

Text 4:


Now you can choose a size for the sticker. Please check whether the label fits your bottles. The dimensions are stated as width / height.

8 x 10 cm(e. g. for 0.33 l beer bottles)
9 x 11 cm(e. g. for wine bottles)
10 x 12 cm(e. g. for 0.5 l beer bottles)
12 x 10 cm(e. g. for champagne bottles)


Please choose how many labels your set should contain.

3 labels
6 labels
12 labels
24 labels
48 labels

Surcharge incl. VAT:
Set of 6 labels + 3.99 EUR
Set of 12 labels + 6.99 EUR
Set of 24 labels + 9.99 EUR
Set of 48 labels + 14.99 EUR

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