Car Photo Sticker

Car photo sticker with a picture of your child

Our popular baby motifs provide the right frame for the pictures of your child. Simply upload a photo of your child and receive a beautiful car photo sticker.

You can stick your sticker to other plain surfaces as well (e. g. closets, desks, walls, etc.). After the sticker has been printed and cut a lamination is applied to protect the sticker from external forces such as car washes.

Car photo sticker examples


Please choose an image in the JPG, PNG or GIF file format from your computer with the help of the button below.

In order to archive a good quality a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels is recommended. Images with a smaller resolutions may also be used but they might appear softer and with less details when printed.

Please be patient when adding the product to the shopping cart. The transfer of the image may take some time depending on the image size.

Photo:(JPG, PNG or GIF image w/ max. 3 MB)


Choose a frame here. Please note that the displayed colors are effected by your screen adjustments and might differ slightly from the original coloring of the stickers.

Car Photo Sticker - Frame 1
Frame 1

Car Photo Sticker - Frame 2
Frame 2

Car Photo Sticker - Frame 3
Frame 3

Car Photo Sticker - Frame 4
Frame 4

Car Photo Sticker - Frame 5
Frame 5

Car Photo Sticker - Frame 6
Frame 6


Now you can choose a font for the text.

Car Photo Sticker - Font 1
Font 1

Car Photo Sticker - Font 2
Font 2

Car Photo Sticker - Font 3
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Car Photo Sticker - Font 4
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Car Photo Sticker - Font 5
Font 5

Car Photo Sticker - Font 6
Font 6

Car Photo Sticker - Font 7
Font 7

Car Photo Sticker - Font 8
Font 8

Car Photo Sticker - Font 9
Font 9

Car Photo Sticker - Font 10
Font 10

Car Photo Sticker - Font 11
Font 11


Please enter a text of your choice here.

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Please select a size. The small stickers will be delivered as set of two.

2 x small(each ca. 8 cm wide)
1 x medium(ca. 15 cm wide)
1 x large(ca. 25 cm wide)

Surcharge incl. VAT: Large Sticker + 4.00 USD

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