Faux Leather Photo Keychain

Here you can order a personalized keychain with your photo online.

Faux Leather Photo Keychain

The keychain is made of high quality synthetic leather and is light-weight with a handy size and attractive design. With the included key ring the keychain can easily be attached to your keys.

The front side is personalizable with an individual photo and the back is made from black synthetic leather. The keychain has a soft surface to prevent scratches (for example, on motorcycle steering locks or car doors).


Please select the shape of the keychain here.

Faux Leather Photo Keychain - Rectangle (approx. 76 x 42 mm)
Rectangle (approx. 76 x 42 mm)

Faux Leather Photo Keychain - Heart (approx. 50 x 45 mm)
Heart (approx. 50 x 45 mm)


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