Photo teddy

A special gift for special people: The cuddly teddy bear with your photo.

Photo teddy front

Photo teddy side

Photo teddy back

The fluffy and soft teddy with light brown fur and trusty button eyes is 18 cm high and wears a white shirt. The shirt can be imprinted with your photo on the front and a text of your choice on the back. Because the shirt of the teddy has nearly the same cut on the front and back you can also reverse the shirt so that the photo appears on the teddy's back.

The teddy bear complies with the European Standard on Safety of Toys (EN 71) and has qualified for the use by children of all ages.


Please choose an image in the JPG, PNG or GIF file format from your computer with the help of the button below.

In order to archive a good quality a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels is recommended. Images with a smaller resolutions may also be used but they might appear softer and with less details when printed.

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Now you can choose the font for the overprint.

Photo teddy - Font 1
Font 1

Photo teddy - Font 2
Font 2

Photo teddy - Font 3
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Font 4

Photo teddy - Font 5
Font 5

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Font 18

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Font color

Here you can choose the color of the text.

Photo teddy - Red

Photo teddy - Lime green
Lime green

Photo teddy - Royal blue
Royal blue

Photo teddy - Black

Photo teddy - Yellow

Photo teddy - Orange red
Orange red

Photo teddy - Mint green
Mint green

Photo teddy - Golden

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Pastel pink

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Light blue

Photo teddy - Deep pink
Deep pink

Photo teddy - Dark green
Dark green

Photo teddy - Brilliant blue
Brilliant blue

Photo teddy - Pastel orange
Pastel orange

Photo teddy - Purple

Photo teddy - Pastel green
Pastel green


Please enter the text of your choice for the back here. Because the width of the text is constant, the text height will decrease the more characters you enter.

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