Placename Sign Sun Shade

Here you can compose a personalized sun shade with a placename sign of your choice and order it online.

Placename Sign Sun Shade

Thanks to a size of 44 x 36 cm an optimal protection from direct sunlight is provided. Besides the protection of your dearest from the sun it is a nice visor for a cozy nap in the child seat.

Folded Sun Shade
When folded the sun shade is only 1 cm high

If the sun shield is not needed it can be folded by an innovative folding system and may then be stored in the door's side shelf. The two suction cups allow a fast and easy installation of the sun shade. The delivery includes one sun shade and two suction cups.

Technical note: Depending on the viewing angle the printed colors can appear paler than shown in the pictures on screen due to the nature of the print method and material of the sun shade (the transparency of the fine meshed net must be given).

Suction cups lost? Then simply order a pair of replacement suction cups.


Please choose a placename sign here.

Placename Sign Sun Shade - Sign 1
Sign 1

Placename Sign Sun Shade - Sign 2
Sign 2

Placename Sign Sun Shade - Sign 3
Sign 3


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