Family Sticker Set

The complete set of US-style family car stickers

Family Sticker Set

The all new MY-BABY-SHOP® family stickers can show all family members: grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, mom and dad, kids and even your family dog or cat can be included on these great stickers. A truly inexpesive way to show who's on board.

If you enjoy family life as much as we do, then show all your family members on your "American Way of Drive"-styled family sticker. Available as single stickers or the bargain family-set.

Depending on the motif the family stickers' maximum height is about 12 cm and maximum width is 8 cm. After the sticker has been printed and cut a lamination is applied to protect the sticker from external forces such as car washes.


Select a set by clicking on the round option field below it. Please note that the displayed colors are affected by your screen adjustments and might differ slightly from the original coloring of the stickers.

Family Sticker Set - Colored stickers
Colored stickers

Family Sticker Set - Black-and-white stickers
Black-and-white stickers

The background of the colored stickers is white. The stickers that are labeled with b/w have a transparent background.

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