Placename Sign Sticker

Here you can compose a personalized sticker with a placename sign of your choice and order it online.

Placename Sign Sticker

The stickers will be printed with the placename sign of your choice and stick to all plain surfaces like e. g. windows and cars.


Please choose a placename sign here.

Placename Sign Sticker - Sign 1
Sign 1

Placename Sign Sticker - Sign 2
Sign 2

Placename Sign Sticker - Sign 3
Sign 3


Please enter the text of your choice here (max. 20 characters per line). Because the width of the text is constant, the text height will decrease the more characters you enter.

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Now you can choose a size for the sticker.

small(9 x 6 cm)
medium(15 x 10 cm)
large(24 x 16 cm)

Surcharge incl. VAT:
Medium Size + 1.98 EUR
Large Size + 2.98 EUR

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