Belly Band (blank)

Here you can order a belly band online.

A belly band allows you to wear your regular clothes during pregnancy by covering the gap between trousers and top.

Belly band example

Belly band example

The fabric consists of 95 % cotton and 5 % elastan. When not stretched the belly band has a width of 38 cm at the top and 48 cm at the bottom and a height of 40 cm at the front and 32 cm at the back.

The belly band is also called abdominal belt and is a fancy fashion accessory of maternity wear. The belly band is pulled over the belly and covers the gap between trousers and top that grows with the belly. Maternity wear will nearly become superfluous and you can wear your favorite clothes during pregnancy. Even after pregnancy the belly band can be worn as fashion accessory. The belly band fits easily and is comfortable because of a sophisticated mixed fabric. However, a supporting function as given by abdominal support is barely noticeable.

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